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Hi, my name is Andrew Riley and I’m a Drupal Developer. The short version of what I do is: Manage developers, projects, lead training, create software in PHP/Drupal/JS and provide best practices for web development while being vocal about what we do to the world.

I’ve been a professional web developer for over 12 years and have worked in a variety of programming languages, both open and closed source. Before Mediacurrent I’ve worked with companies like MindComet, Hewitt Associates and HD Supply in some form of development, management or quality assurance position.

In the software development world I’m generally known for writing PHPFormMail but I’m becoming known for the podcast I produce as well as my technology evangelism/podcasts.

Outside of the domain of 1’s and 0’s I live in Orlando with my beautiful wife and son. As far as hobbies go I like doing woodsy type activities and cooking/baking.

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Open Source Projects

  • DrupalEasy Podcast: I’m lucky enough to be the host/producer of one of the fastest rising podcasts in the Drupal arena. It’s an audio bi-monthly podcast that covers the latest news in regards to Drupal along with our heavily biased opinions, our picks of the week (usually modules) and the site of the week. Check it out, it’s free and it won’t give you any STDs (unlike spring break).
  • Pattern Builder: A PHP based library that empowers your team to prototype in a static pattern library and then import the designs and content data model into Drupal with a single drush command.
  • Commerce UPS (Drupal Module Co-Contrib): Provides UPS shipping estimates in conjunction with the Commerce Shipping and Commerce Physical modules.
  • PHPFormMail: PHPFormMail is a universal WWW form to E-mail gateway. PHPFormMail’s main goal is to seamlessly take the place of it’s PERL sister. All functions from the PERL version of FormMail have an exact duplicate in PHPFormMail. Direct Zip download or Github.
  • Friendly Register (Drupal Module): Friendly Register module allows users to see if a username or email address has already been used during registration before they submit the form. This module checks the database and returns an error if the username is already in use. In addition to checking the username the module checks if there is already an account using that email address, if there is, a message is displayed with links to the login or reset password pages.
  • Autocompleteinator (Drupal Module): Have you ever wanted to add autocomplete functionality to a text field, wanted autocomplete but didn’t want to write a module to make that happen? Autocmopleteinator utilizes the power of views to allow you to output any content (users, taxonomy, search results etc) as an auto complete for any Drupal generated text field.


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