PHPFormMail 1.04.0 Released

The new version of PHPFormMail is now on the mirrors. PHP3 users should upgrade to this version as soon as possible (major PHP3 improvements).

Here’s the changelog:

  • Removed the ability to have empty referrers.
  • Changed " to ’ where applicable (for speed).
  • Added an error message if there is no referrer.
  • Changed default to NOT copy the field contents to thank you/error pages.
  • Update to allow the thank you page to properly follow show_blank_fields (like in the e-mail).
  • Fixed bug when having spaces, line breaks, etc between required field names.
  • Change “comming” to “coming”.
  • Added automatic support for PHP3. Script now detects the PHP version and calls the proper in_array().
  • Fixed a bug with PHP3 and NULL constants.
  • Changed the error logging when a bad recipient is found. Each bad recipient should be logged if there is more than one in an execution.
  • Added error logging for “There is no recipient to send this to”.
  • Removed the compile url function. Replaced the function with get_env(‘QUERY_STRING’).
  • Modified how stripslashes() was applied. Now it is only run once, on every variable.
  • Added a condition if realname is undefined to check to see if firstname or lastname exists and combines them to act as the “realname” for e-mail purposes. :)
  • Removed default filling of realname to “Unknown Stranger” and added support for empty realnames so just the e-mail will show up instead of realname and e-mail address in emails.

Note: There is no need to uncomment/delete the in_array function any more, PHPFormMail now uses the proper function according to what version of PHP you are running.

Download it today!