PHPFormMail 1.05.0 Released

(1 minute read)

The new version of PHPFormMail is now on the mirrors. Changes include:

  • You can now have regular expressions in the $referers array.
  • Added the ability to have field name aliases.
  • Added the ability to have hidden field results.
  • Updated the error system to have critical errors.
  • Changed crit errors to link to the readme.
  • Added a new const for readme link.
  • Fixed check_recipients bug (Don)
  • Fixed a bug when setting the first 3 css variables.
  • Minor logic changes
  • Fixed bug with PHP showing isset for fields that were empty. Fix: strlen()
  • decode_vars() now returns an empty array if no data was sent to the form.
  • Added a new error message for no data being sent to the form.
  • changed error function to use global var instead of passing as a ref
  • removed exit() calls from script, it shouldn’t need them.