To bring in the new year...

As promised, the new version of PHPFormMail is out.

New features in 1.03.0:

  • Added fields recipient_cc, recipient_bcc and priority.
  • Now the redirected “error” and “thank you” pages receive all the variables POST encoded for any third party scripts.
  • Changed most attributes to use styles rather than HTML attributes.
  • Changed how colors were implemented. If they are not defined they will use the browser default instead of the old white/black color scheme.
  • Fixed a bug with the non-redirected “error” and “thank you” pages’ title. They now properly reflect the page that is displaying.
  • Made CSS fully CSS compliant.
  • Misc. code cleanups

All mirrors should now have the file… so what are you waiting for??? Go download 1.03.0.