A new day...

Well, I’ve made a few changes around the site.

I’ve changed the design of the overall site. All pages should now be up to XHTML1.0 Trans spec and should be smaller (up to 2-3 times smaller). Yes, on each page, I did still have to use one table, but overall, that’s way better than the old design with 50+ tables in some pages.

I ended up getting rid of a few sections of the site that I never updated (Articles, In The News).

I also moved the boards over to new software. The boards are now run by phpBB and allow for things like polls, sticky posts, etc. I did keep the Help/Support sections open post (you don’t have to register to post your questions). The old boards are still available but you can’t post in them.

Currently the boards don’t look like the new boaddrink.com look at all, but in the near future, I’ll be updating them to properly link and look like the rest of the site.

Let me know if you find anything that is not properly working on the site.