My order to create Drupal sites

At this months Florida Drupal meetings a lot of questions came up about how we create websites. Now these questions weren’t really about the technical aspects of creating the site, they were more about the planning and the high level steps we take.

I was pleased to find out the steps we take at Mindcomet were very similar to the full time consultants that were present.

The steps we take are (after reviewing the IA, planning & getting Drupal installed):

  1. Create the CCK Types & add fields
  2. Create the Taxonomy Vocabularies & add Terms
  3. Configure the Pathauto Tokens
  4. Create the empty Menus
  5. Add some test content (Lorem Ipsum if you please)
  6. Create the Views
  7. Create & assign our blocks

That’s it! After this point you should just have Theming & some general tweaking left but your site should already be about 90% done.