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First things first, no drama. I haven’t changed jobs, run off with a lover or changed chewing gum. There is nothing interesting, exciting or gossip worthy in this post.

If you don’t know me you might not know but I like to change things in my life - not large things (see above) but small things, how I use my computer, my brand of shoes, walking somewhere, choosing a new path, etc. I really don’t like things becoming routine in my life. I decided to record some of the things that I changed in 2013 for the heck of it so here you go.

What do these changes mean? Absolutely nothing. I just feel that if I stay set in my ways I’ll eventually be one of those dinosaurs talking about wearing an onion on their belt (it was the style at the time) and I really don’t want that to happen. I know to some extent this will happen regardless of my efforts but I’m trying to stop that from happening to the things that matter to me, myself, family and computers.