How to get the audio podcast software The Levelator working in OS X El Capitan

I use The Levelator to do volume level adjustments and some slight compression on my audio podcasts. After updating my Mac to El Capitan The Levelator stopped working for me so it was slightly alarming when I was wrapping up the editing of my podcast and I received the error: dyld: Library not loaded @executable_path/../Frameworks/libsndfile.1.dylib

Normally I would just update to the latest version but The Levelator is no longer under active development so any fix must come from the community and ultimately there might not be anything we could do to fix it. After some quick Googling I ended up finding two solutions.

  1. Copy the mentioned file in the app to a specific directory by Adam C. Engst
  2. Install lbsndfile via Homebrew by rraallvv

I ended up opting to install via Homebrew since I already have a lot of software managed by it. After installing I didn’t have to restart my Mac which is always a bonus. To be 100% clear all I had to do was run the Homebrew command, startup The Levelator and the software started working as expected with no error messages.

Homebrew command for posterity:

brew install libsndfile --universal