2019 and my 30 day challenges

(2 minute read)

I’ve always hated new years resolutions. It feels like people put so much stock in something that is just going to fail that they are beyond pointless. Instead of year long resolutions I follow Matt Cutt’s 30 day challenges.

To quote Matt: - they’re more achievable - base each challenge on how busy the month looks or what you need/want - you get to try 12 experiments instead of one!

I’ve done a few 30 day challenges before. They feel like a good amount of time to try things out. If they work, great, I can continue using them. If I don’t like it or it isn’t sustainable I can just stop and I don’t feel like a failure. I’ve had quite a few that I’ve done for the thirty days but didn’t elect to continue.

Prior challenges I’ve done - Give up alcohol (Successful but didn’t elect to continue) - Exercise/Work out every single day (Successful but didn’t elect to continue) - Get eight hours of sleep every night (Successful but didn’t elect to continue) - Journaling (Didn’t make it through 30 days) - Log my eating (I still do this every day)

I’ll try to create a new post for each challenge I do in 2019. It might not be 12 but I’ve already got the first few mapped out.

The first challenge I’m doing for 2019 is recording my thoughts in a journal. When I did a similar challenge in 2018 me it felt like too much work and was abandoned. Instead I’m going to try micro-journaling using Daylio. Hopefully the shorter format will make it so I can complete the challenge. I’ll provide a followup post once the month is complete.