January 30-day challenge results and an update on March

January’s 30-day challenge was to journal daily. I’ve tried this one in the past because the last thing I want to do in a day is write about my day. This time I switched it up and used Daylio since I could easily tag my mood and causes without having to write anything. I’ll save you having to read the rest of this post. It was a success.

It feels like the shorter journal format was the key here. Hitting 2-5 buttons each evening was much less daunting than writing up my thoughts. I did sometimes write but it not being required was nice.

Some stats for January:

  • 30 days in a row
  • 47 recorded moods
  • 3 rad, 23 good, 10 meh, 8 bad, 3 awful
  • Thursday was generally my happiest day
  • My top five tagged activities were Family, Work, Pet, Good Meal and Sleeping.

Overall I didn’t really get any new immediate insights to me nor my moods but I plan to continue doing this daily and in-fact I already have. I’m still going strong nearly a month and a half after finishing this challenge. I did notice that I get more honest results if I log an entry as soon as I feel a strong emotion. It’s far too easy to just hit “good” at the end of the day even though the day had some ups and downs. I’m still working on updating as soon as possible.

So what’s next? Well, I skipped February. At the end of January, we got a puppy and I figured that doing a 30-challenge while dealing with a puppy wasn’t ideal. Have no fear. I’m back on for March.

This March I’ll be wearing a watch every day. I know it doesn’t sound like much but I haven’t worn a daily watch in years. I wear it when camping or doing activities but I just hate wearing them indoors. I especially hate wearing them while working on my computer. Hopefully, I’ll get the March update out near the end of the month and not 30+ days late.